Bead Reamer Bit

These little steel tools are encrusted with industrial grade diamonds and are usually used to make bead holes larger or to remove unwanted burrs from bead holes before stringing. They are also perfect for sanding, filing, engraving and accessing the difficult little nooks and crannies in metal clay projects. This four piece set has all the shapes and widths you will need.An essential tool for jewelry designers, a bead reamer is a pointed, round file that is used to either smooth the edges of the drill-hole in a bead, or to enlarge or straighten the hole itself. A reamer allows you to use beads that might not seem usable because of small hole size, sharp edges, irregularity or burrs. Additionally, it's important to smooth the rough edges on a bead as they will wear or abrade the wire or cord of your design. And, a bead reamer helps the designer achieve smooth centers and larger bead holes without damaging the beads.


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