8"x1/2" 60Grit Daimond Coated Convex Profile Carving Glass Lapidary Gemstone Grinding Wheel


Product Code: DCWSS214-243

Diamond Engraving Concave Grinding Wheels are a perfect design for glass and lapidary also stone rounding edges. What they excel at however is making small beads without the need for an expensive bead making machine. First, block out bead to the required size and pre-drill the bead hole then round the bead as well as you can on a normal grinding wheel to remove the square edges. After this hold the roughly rounded bead using a pin vice and grind one side of the bead using the concave wheel. When you are happy with the shape, reverse the pin vice and grind the other side. If you are using the coarse grit concave wheel to do the grinding you may need to use a finer grit concave wheel to remove some of the scratches.The easiest way to get to a finished high polish is to then use a rock tumbler and go through the normal process of tumbling.

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