Tin Faceting Laps

Tin Faceting Laps is a fine grained rolled tin lap is bonded to a Masterlap producing an excellent final polishing lap. This lap will not develop orange peel and scoring is nor required. Can be used with diamond, cerium oxide or tin oxide. Only comes with a 1/2”arbor hole.Tin is one of a few metals which has a recrystallizatoin temperature below room temperature. In this respect, tin does not work harden, which has been the primary reason why it has found a particular niche in the field of lapping and polishing. Because of its low recrystallization temperature, tin is very easy to charge with an abrasive such as diamond. However, due to the low recrystallization temperature the embedded abrasive also does not become permanently fixed into the lapping plate. The degree at which the diamond abrasive becomes fixed is a function of the tin or tin alloy grain size and also the intergranular microstructure. For pure tin, the grain size is actually quite large and the embedded diamond has a tendency to “float” within the grains. By adding small amounts of alloying ingredients, the size of the grains can be dramatically reduced and the hardness of the tin alloy can be significantly increased. The result is that the embedded diamond becomes more rigidly fixed at the grain boundaries.


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